Promanade The Alcazar

"Girl Ascending Stairs" made a grand entrance at the Lightner Museum after work event. Local musician, Ramona, performed for guests and they were amazing! 

I created this piece for a contest for the Lightner Museum's Anniversary celebration. A very stylish girl ascending a decorative staircase, in an Art Nouveau style. she is framed by 130 stamp of the Alcazar  Hotel, 70 are blue for the years celebrating the Lightner Museum's anniversary.

Approximately 50 artists participated in the museum’s first art contest “Promenade the Alcazar”.  The winner’s artwork (selected by museum staff) will be used as showcase artwork for the museum’s upcoming anniversary event on October 19th, 2018.  The museum will be celebrating its 70th anniversary and the 130th anniversary of the Alcazar Hotel.

A “Peoples’ Choice Award” will be given to the artwork which receives the most votes.  Visitors may vote throughout the week the artwork is on display in the mezzanine level.  The “People’s Choice Award” winner will receive two tickets ($150 value) to the museum’s anniversary event, “Promenade the Alcazar” on October 19, 2018.





FEBRUARY 1 - APRIL 23, 2017

Jax Makerspace Gallery / Main Library

14 Artist explore black femininity, ethnicity, identity and stereotypes.


The name and spirit of “KESHA”, is one of the numerous creative ways we reclaim ourselves after the identity theft of slavery. Stolen from the motherland, the cradle of civilization kings and queens, prince and princesses. Disconnected from their heritage and rightful place in history. Shackled to a criminal enterprise that brutalized them. Our holocaust lasted over 200 years. History could never make an account of how many lives were lost in passage through out South America, North America, and many Islands in the West Indies. Stripped of their identity and forbidden to use their ancestral names. “KESHA” Circumvents The Walls constructed for women of African descendent. 

Kesha graphic image.PNG